Pitch Deck: Madhav Farm

Madham Farm - Pitch deck.pdf

Madhav Farm was a startup that I founded in 2019 to provide fresh, organic, and affordable milk and vegetables online. I connected farmers directly with customers, eliminating middlemen and reducing costs. I also used technology and innovation to improve farming and delivery quality and efficiency.

 I wanted to solve the problem of lack of access, transparency, and trust in the traditional supply chain of milk and vegetables. I targeted the growing online grocery market in India, focusing on urban, professional, and health-conscious customers.

 However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to close the startup in 2021.

 In this pitch deck, you will learn more about my problem, solution, market, product, business model, and team.

Case Studies

Problem Statements 

1. You need to perform competition benchmarking for Springwood.

2. You are a marketing manager at a leading food delivery company in India. How will you increase the number of post-order reviews on the app? (Take all necessary assumptions.) 

3. Download the Sortizy app from the Play Store, Sign up for the app, and observe each communication (Push notifications, email, WA, etc.) very carefully. Observe the product features and your experience. Answer the following questions 

You are required to come up with descriptive solutions, outlining your approach and the steps you will take to tackle the problem. Also, explain your core hypotheses and the rationale behind them 


Problem Statement

A. Research the ‘impact of GenAI on the industry’ and identify three problems to solve

B. Develop a website that incorporates information about research, networking activities, upcoming products, and investment opportunities


C. Write an Investment Pitch to Secure an investment of $2 million for the same idea


AI in HR Industry.pdf
Pitch Deck for AI in HR indutry .pdf

Problem Statements

You’ve been onboarded as a product consultant for PhonePe, a product that is similar to GooglePay in terms of features and offerings. As a strategic decision-maker, you have to work towards building a USP for your product.

PART 1: Research doc

Here, you have to recommend a strategy based on your research (qualitative and data insights to back it) for the product offering to set yourself apart with a unique selling proposition (USP) for end customers. You have to prepare a document on market research. And for your competitors

PART 2: Business model doc

You have been tasked with creating a 1-year revenue estimation. Make sure you provide all calculations underlying your assumptions in as much detail available to you.

PhonePe Case Study.pdf

Problem Statement

Part 1: Google Keep is a free product to save, share notes, collaborate on tasks, etc. You are a product manager forGoogle Keep and you are tasked to convert Keep into a paid subscription based product. How would you go aboutbuilding and executing this product strategy along with arriving at a pricing model $$$.

Part 2:  Should Facebook enter the dating market? If yes, state why and detail. If no, state why not with detailed analysis 

Google Keep Case Study.pdf