Hi, I’m Raj Kawale, a product manager and entrepreneur who loves to create products that solve real-world problems and delight users.

I started my entrepreneurial and product journey when I was a college student and founded Madhav Farm, a startup that aimed to build a platform for Agri where farmers can sell their products and buyers can buy them online. I validated my idea by personally visiting more than 200 users, including farmers, to empathize with their needs and challenges. After validating, I launched my MVP by delivering fresh milk door-to-door and then expanded to selling vegetables over a phone call and WhatsApp. Later, as per increasing the queries, we built a website for B2C and a hybrid app for B2B, using my user-centric approach. The startup generated monthly revenue of around INR 60k from college hostels, canteens, and nearby hotels. It also received recognition from Pune University and Lemon Ideas, which helped me raise seed funding from the college to scale the startup and reach more customers. I built a team of around 8 people who shared my vision and mission. Sadly, I had to shut down the startup after 2 years due to some unforeseen circumstances.

 Despite the challenges, I continued to pursue my passion for creating impactful products. I joined Purple Style Labs, an online platform for fashion discovery and shopping. There, I worked as an associate product manager to enhance the end-to-end buyer experience on web and mobile applications. I collaborated with cross-functional teams, designed UI and UX, defined metrics and analytics, and executed product strategic plans.

 Along the way, I completed various product and technology certifications that sharpened my product thinking and tech skills. I also improved my user empathy and execution skills.

 As an entrepreneur at heart, I enjoy working on ideas and making them happen. As a product manager, I embrace risks and challenges to deliver value to users and stakeholders.

I am always eager to find new opportunities to create amazing products that improve people’s lives!!